Welcome to Partners Management, Atlanta’s premier property management company.

We have excelled at condo management and HOA management in Atlanta for over three decades.


The Partners Difference

Whether your board is looking for a professional property management company for the first time, or to replace an underperforming property management firm, here are key questions to ask:

  • What’s the average length of their Condo and HOA relationships? With Partners it’s seven years. That speaks volumes about our integrity and dedication to excellent service.
  • Do they have low employee turnover? This is important to assure continuity of excellent service. Our employees are like family, and they stay with us, affording our association clients continuity of service, which is so rare these days.
  • Are they problem solvers? At Partners, there isn’t a community-related issue that we haven’t encountered and resolved. Our decades of experience are a valuable resource for your community.

Do they offer all of the critical services that HOA and condo boards rely on – all for one low monthly fee? At Partners, we do. Please use the following as a checklist to help compare us to any other Atlanta professional management company.


All Condo Management and HOA Management Services Included in One, Low Monthly Fee
Activity Frequency
Establish Operating and Reserve Accounts As needed
Account Receivable and Payable Weekly
Bank Account Reconciliation Monthly
Convenient Online Access to Financial Reports Monthly, with multiple years of archived reports
Coordination of Collections As needed
Budget Annually
Tax Filing Annually
Meetings and Corporate Renewal
Annual meeting: preparation, coordination and attendance Annually
Corporate renewal with Secretary of State Annually
Property Maintenance
Property Maintenance Scheduling and Oversight Ongoing
Property Visits Ongoing
Contractor Selection
Solicitation, Evaluation and Award of Bids As needed
Covenant Enforcement As needed
General Communications As needed
Board Meetings
Preparation and attendance As needed
Emergency Calls
Hotline staffed 24/7