Welcome to Partners Management, Atlanta’s premier property management company.

We’ve been providing outstanding leasing and property management services to residential real estate investors in this area for over three decades.  We’ve seen Atlanta grow – and along with it – the fortunes of our clients – investors who know the power of real estate over all other investments.


The Partners Difference

Whether you’re a veteran investor in Atlanta residential real estate, new to Atlanta or new to real estate investing, you need an experienced partner in property management.

Our goal with each client is to help you meet or exceed your real estate investment goals with professional service, great communication and practical advice. We focus on making the most of your two valuable assets: your property and your tenant.

Are your Atlanta real estate assets performing to their highest potential? Are you managing your own property now, and realize the need for a professional residential property manager? Are you dissatisfied with your residential property manager? Use this checklist to compare Partners Management to any other Atlanta property management company. With us, you can check off all the boxes.

  • Leasing – We recommend the rent, advertise to multiple databases, phone screen applicants, show your property, screen tenants (income, credit and thorough background check), collect and deposit the rent and manage the tenant.
  • Management – We maintain all mechanical systems on a regular basis, manage landscaping, if applicable, make minor repairs and rely on our network of contractors, when required. We’re ready for anything 24/7. You should not accept less from a property management company.
  • Condos, townhomes and singles – Our management portfolio includes every imaginable kind of residential property.
  • Flawless administration – We perform all of the administrative functions of a first-rate residential property manager. We keep the books, and provide online access to monthly financials. Our network of professional service providers and contractors assures that we can easily handle any situation that arises.
  • ROI-friendly fees – Leasing services cost only 85% of the 1st month’s rent. Real estate property management starts at only $80/mo.
  • Free market analysis – If you’re a first-time investor or looking for more property to add to your portfolio, the market analysis is on us.
  • Fast tenant acquisition – Our goal is always to place the best applicant at the highest rent as quickly as possible.
  • High renewal rate – We work hard to keep tenants, as well as owners, happy. Our renewal rate is more than 90%.
  • Evictions – When eviction is the last resort, we oversee the entire process.
  • Legal savvy – These days a professional property management company must be up on Fair Housing Laws, how to craft a loophole-free lease, landlord’s right of entry, the proper way to handle evictions, etc. We are.
  • Happy clients – We have hundreds of them. Click here for a few testimonials.

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